Jessica Valiente - Flutist, Recorderist

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Dr. Jessica Valiente has taught flute at Brooklyn College and at Montclair State University, and is currently on the flute faculty of The New School Jazz and Contemporary Music department in New York City.  She has taught lecture subjects in the areas of music history and ethnomusicology Mercy College, University of Bridgeport, John Jay College, Baruch College, and New School University.  She has maintained a private teaching studio for over thirty years, and is trained in both Suzuki and Kinderflute teaching methods for flute and recorder.  She presents concert-lectures on traditional and indigenous flutes from around the world in her Global Flutes program.


​Private Lessons

Jessica Valiente teaches flute, recorder, and Native American flutes to children, novices, adult amateurs, conservatory-bound high school students, and professional woodwind doublers.
If you are interested in private study with Dr. Valiente, visit her studio website:

The Global Flute Studio

Music Education in Essex County, New Jersey

Jessica Valiente is the Executive Director of Youth Orchestras of Essex County, New Jersey's oldest youth orchestra organization.  She is also on the board of the Nikhil Badlani Foundation, where she also serves as a teaching artist. The Nikhil Badlani Foundation provides subsidized group instrumental music lessons for students in West Orange Public Schools, and advocates for traffic safety.

​Global Flutes Program

In this program, Jessica Valiente presents indigenous, traditional and historical flutes from around the world.  She performs on more than 30 flutes from over a dozen world cultures, and often includes folk songs and storytelling.  The program generally includes Native American flutes, quena, sikus, shakuhachi, dizi, xiao, Irish whistles, Cuban flute, and Brazilian pifano, but there are many more.  This program is suitable for libraries, flute fairs and conferences, classrooms, and lecture halls.  The content is adaptable for audiences of every age and level of experience, from young children and general audiences to graduate students in flute or ethnomusicology.